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KGWINDER 10 has been developed to solve an inconvenience, such as winding or unwinding
by dragon wire puller, extension line, water hose and many kind of rope (take a long time to wind,
leave it undone, overfull and so on) and it has advantage Quick and Easy winding by rechargeable drill or Manual rewinding.


winding by rechargeable drill


winding by Manual

Feature of Dragon wire puller

1. Excellent usability, Various sizes, reasonable price from
K.S Corporation's dragon wire puller.
2. Gain recognition with best quality
3. Various size for the operation (7m,15m,20m,30m,40m,50m,100m)
4. Increased the operation pace from 1/3 frictional resistance.
5. Improve work efficiency in the corner
6. Easy handling with light weight than steel.
7. No problem in the winter or cold weather due to using the
PT authenticity yarn instead recycled product.

PT authenticity yarn.

Usage of KGWINDER 10


In case of winding a rope (with rechargeable drill)


1-Insert into the fixed hole through a square shaped path on the
   side wall next to the bigger sprocket.
   (Terminal won't slip when release them)
   Upward the handle of winder and locate the lower foot step.

2-Connect a drill to the sub-sprocket and insert it into the
   adjusting hole
3-Check direction of rotating drill, and operate
   Reduce down speed of drill when it is almost at the end

In case of winding a rope

3-Set the drill as explained at NO.2. and idle for 1~2 second to
   unwind rope at the main sprocket.
   Undo the wire by pulling it at the same speed of drill
   At certain point from starting to unwind, the rope will be
   automatically come loose by previously applied force

In case of winding a rope (without rechargeable drill)


4-Using the handle dispatched at main sprocket side, repeat
   winding and unwinding In case of unwinding