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Electric Automatic Label Dispenser


Automatic Label Dispenser EZ-216D


Label Dispenser EZ Series
We manufacture EZ Series upon various demands' from customers.
Compact size. Easy Operation. Good Durability.Long lifetime.
Any customised label size is okay for EZ series.
EZ Series can change and respond quickly to various labels
If you have any special label, not to match with current lable dispenser, please feel free to let us know.
Our EZ series can make your demands realized. 
The basic structure is all made of steel, so it can be used semi-permanently.


Label Dispenser is  EZ-216D is manufactured according to user's request.

Based on the existing D-Series
Added brakes that apply only to the R-Series

On the main shaft pulling the label backing paper
Added aluminum rod for easy removal of label backing paper


Automatic Label Dispenser DOUBLE-Series


Double Label Roll operation must need Double Series Label Dispenser.
Model number will be decided by label width 60mm, 120mm, 180mm.

For instance 6060 means both side 60mm, and 6012 means 60mm

at left side and 120mm on right side. 1260 is just opposite, 120mm

on left side and 60mm on right side
You can choose different size on each side or both size same.

Label dispenser double-JPG.jpg
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