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Electric Automatic Label Dispenser


Automatic Spring separator RTS-200


Spring separator 3.jpg
Spring separator 4.jpg

1. RTS-200 can be applied in disentangling small type of spiral spring one by one by means of
centrifuge spin.
2. The appropriate range of spiral springs: outside diameter: 1~20mm
  free length: 2~20mm
  wire diameter: 0.45~1.5mm

3. Instruction:
 a. Make sure to use voltage specification of 110/230V to turn on the machine;
 b. Adjust the outlet gate of the springs;
 c. Place an aluminum tray under the gate to hold the separated springs;
 d. Check if the turnplate inside is in high speed operation;
 e. Open the cap and put in the entangled springs (please do not put beyond its capacity);
 f. Finished springs will spray out onto the aluminum tray under the outlet gate;
 g. The most appropriate users are assembly line workers.

4. Please adapt the outlet gate (refer to the scale on the gate) to the outside diameter of the springs. The gate should be slightly larger than the springs.

5. Please try the device in a small amount before in a large quantity.
* If there are entangled springs on the tray do not separate, push the outlet gate to narrow the exit.
* If the entangled springs spray out beyond 10 seconds, pull out the outlet gate to enlarge the exit.


Model Name:   (ezmro Made in Korea)    RTS-200
Voltage:  220V
Size: 130㎜x140㎜x210㎜(WxHxD)106Φ
Weight: 3.44kg

Spring separator 2.jpg
Spring separator 1.jpg
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