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Electric Automatic Label Dispenser


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Electric Automatic Label Dispenser RTL- Series


Auto Label Dispenser RTL Series is specially designed for fast and accurate work.

Very easy label setting.

No need to set-up the bobbin,

just put the label roll on the machine to start.

You can use the rewinder installed or just leave the paper go out to the backward.

Nothing need to be set-up for left-over paper.

This is the key success point of RTL Series.

Function for counting the label.

Easily check for work.With counting function,

you caan notice how many pieces are left to do easily.Any label can be used,

because of good sensor.asy Assembly. Easy repair.Wrap the left-over paper on the rewinder to wrap all in a bobbin.

See below picture. Otherwise, just leave the paper to be separate from lable to go to backward.

specification 1.png

Label Dispenser RTL-Series

 The electronic label dispenser RTL60/RTL120/RTL180 is suitable to dispense self adhesive labels up to 60mm~180mm width. This model is a perfect combination of features know from the RTL tape dispenser series.



-Compact Body No need to big place to put.

-Bobbin-Less Easy to set the label roll.

-Six different kinds of mode Auto/Manual mode Count Up/Count Down mode Label Setting mode Speed Setting mode

-Easy to remove backing paper.

-Label useable length from 10 mm to 999 mm.

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