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CEO's Greeting



The best way to meet  The World is With EZMRO.

Thank you for visiting the Homepage of the
EZMRO Co.,Ltd.

CEO Greeting


CEO Greeting


We, Ezmro was established at 1994 for the base of Automatic Tape Dispensers and Automatic Label Dispensers.
We are continuously put our efforts on the improvement to make our products better and to make our users more convenient to use our products. We are also making the new development progress against the Chinese fake copycats.
Our products are widely used in many countries and very welcome with the excellent feedbacks.
We will keep doing our best to fullfill the customer's requirement for excellency.


Our valuable customers, we hope you can walk to the bright future along with Ezmro.

Based on differentiated ideas, designs and creativity,
In addition to internal organization’s technology and experience,
By preparing for the fusion of technologies and ideas of external cooperative company,
Create products and services from the customer’s perspective,
We want to create new values and culture for our customers.

LEE-Jongtae President


ezmro tape dispenser.jpg

We are Ezmro, located in Korea, to manufacture the industrial tools and machines and distribute and sell to 17 countries including Japan, France, Germany, .Holland, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and USA. We have developed all our products by our R&D force and keep innovating with comments from valuable clients to make the business happy for both parties. We also do OEM manufacturing according to customer's request and we can help with design and developing ideas of our technology force.


Company Map

We have several items and you can take a look of range in our website

Most of products information is on our website, but if you have any special inquiries, please feel free to let us know.

LEE-Jooyoung Overseas Manager

E-mail  :


What is MRO ?




MRO, Which syands for Maintenance, Repair and Operations,

may not be directly required in the manufacturing processl however, it is a necessity in management and related production activities. For example, products used in maintaining and repairing like machine parts, electrical switches, bolts, bearings, lubricating oil and office supplies like general office equipm ent, stationery and computer software are all included here. Online MRO industry is an Internet based compound distribution industry, which is in charge of procuring MRO materials from vendors and managing the supply chain through the Internet. In other w ords, it is a typical B2B industry.


Easier and Faster

EZMRO small ewuipment can help your work and your life much easier and faster.



company Name : ezmro Co.,Ltd
CEO : Lee,Jong Tae (
Date of Establishment : 21,December,1996

Company Address, Web site, E-mail, Tel, Fax. Overseas Manager


(08215) Rm501,STX W-Tower, #90,Gyeonginro53-Gil, GuRo-Gu,SEOUL, KOREA.

Web site


Tel+82 (2) 2631-1921    Fax +82 (2) 2631-1941

Generally there are two payment methods:

Open L/C or T/T Remittance.
More specific terms will be decided through
consultation with the buyer.



Add:307-2,Block B,no.3,Hongkong Street(West)

Of Jinnan Eda, Tianjin China
Tel:0086-22-2805-5892 Fax:0086-22-2805-5893
Add:Building C-518,Oriental-Innvation,216

JinFeng Road, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
Tel:0086-512-6251-2825 Fax:0086-512-6805-2921


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