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Electric Automatic

Tape Dispenser


Electric Automatic FOLD Tape Dispenser RT-9000F

Compact size. Good design.

Basic function of RT-9000F is same to RT-7000.

Also easy dissembling feature is same to RT-7700&RT-7000

The special feature of RT-9000F is when tapes are come out, the end of tape is folded automatically. So, your factory workers don’t leave your finger print on the tape, and final users can remove the tape easily when they open the product.

Of course, you can choose to use Folding function or not.

fold tape dispenser RT-9000F.jpg

Folding Option

Fold the edge of Tape, Easy removal

The length of the folding tape part can be set from 7㎜ and 10㎜

AUTOMATIC fold-tape-dispenser-RT-9000F.j

This Tape Cutter can cut the tape as folded, so it makes users easy to take off the tapes from the object.

Also, it can cut the tape without folding. Both you can select.

You can set six different length as in order, so RT-9000F cuts the tape as lengh what you need.


You can use tape width up to 60mm, and can cut two tapes at the same time within 60mm width of two tapes.

You can cut from 5mm to 999mm length, and can adjust 1mm unit with digital setting.


Can easily assemble the blade set without any tools, and also can change PCB, Rollers, and Gears from uncovering the lid.

Very convenient for Cleaning and Repair.


This RT-9000F is the most wanted item for electronic equipment which needs tapes for short time fixing and good for lunchbox as well.

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