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Electric Automatic Label Dispenser


Automatic Label Dispenser EZ-R-Series


EZMRO LABEL DISPENSER EZ-R series specifications


Here is EZ-R series.

EZ-R series is compact with excellent performance.

  1. No Silicone Pad; No damage on your label to remove silicone pad which holds the labels.

  2. Film Label; Good for the labels with extra safety film on it.

  3. Unique Break system; Our own unique Break system on Tape hanger helps you to use any labels. This is EZMRO owned design.

  4. Very Easy; Very easy loading and easy application.

  5. Controller; You can control the speed of label pull-out and distance between the labels.

  6. Quantity Counter; EZ-R series  can count the quantity of taken-off labels.

  7. Applicable; It doesn’t have Silicone Pad, so it can be adaptable for automatic machines what you are using in your factory. Ask for further assistance to EZMRO or your dealer, if you need any help.

  8. No need for rewinder; It isn’t necessary to use rewinder. Of course, you can use extra rewinder, if you want.

  9. Independent motor; EZ-R series rewinder operates with independent motor, so it is easy and convenient for loading and un-loading

  10. Special labels, any labels; EZ-R series can be used with very small labels, very big labels, and any special labels. Please ask to EZMRO or your dealer for special order-made type

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