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Electric Carousel TapeDispenser RT-3000


Discontinued Products 2010


Multi user access is available for RT-3000

Set-up the tape cutting length & width with dial on the back tail, then, push the button in the middle of carousel, RT-3000 will cut the tape and put them for 2/3 round of carousel.
What you need to do is just take it off and use it!
When you need another tape , push the button in the middle, then, RT-3000 starts to work again to put the tape on the 2/3 round carousel newly.
Can adjust the tape length & width with dial knob on the back tail.
Can easily change the blade set without disassembling.
Small size, Excellent design, Friendly color to your work.
Better performance with RT-3700 from quick and precise tape cutting.
Free tape load. Cabinet type.
Very safe. No operation without safety cover.

Tape Width 5~25mm
Tape Cutting Length 9~61mm
Operation AC Motor
Power Requirement AC110 /220 V 50/60Hz 40W
Dimensions Outside -130(W) x 260(D) x 145(H) 2.2Kg
1 Unit Package -160(W) x 290(D) x 220(H) 2.3Kg
5 Units per Box
1 Box Package -310(W) x (850D) x 250(H) 13Kg

Recommended Tapes
Cellophane Tape, Papre Tape, Cotton Cloth Tape, PP Tape, Acetate Cloth Tape


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