Electric Automatic

Tape Dispenser


Electric Automatic Tape Dispenser RT-5000


Compact size. Good design


Good match with any workplaces.Two sensor can cut two tapes at the same time.tape width: 6~50mmtape length: 5~999mmFunctions for tape quantity countingCan set-up the tape quantity what you desire to cut.Can hold the tape roll, outer diameter up to 300mmWith Stand, you can use mega size tape.Easy change for blade set, the most consumable part 




tape width



tape length


usale tapes 

acetate/glass cloth, double-sided, mormex, filament, kapton ,electric and more

usable non-adhesive material

protection film, aluminum/copper foil.tube,plastic band, magic tape, ribbon and so on

feeding speed


max outside dia of roll



separator(for two rolls), tweezers, blade oil

power requirement

220-240V, 120V, 100V

body material

anti-static abs


115*140*215mm, 2.8kg 

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